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HEROIC Cybersecurity: Intelligent Protection against Next-Generation Cyber Threats

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Chad Bennett, Founder, CEO, HEROIC CybersecurityChad Bennett, Founder, CEO
One of the most chilling memories in the records of cybercrime is inarguably that of Max Ray Butler, who stole credit card information from over two million arbitrary users. This incident substantiates that everybody-up to some degree- is susceptible to cyberattacks. As Amanda-Jane Turner, author of Unmasking the Hacker: Demystifying Cybercrime said, “Anyone can fall victim to cybercrime and any computing device can be infected with malware.”

In an effort to minimize the vulnerability risks of individuals and enterprises, there has been a steady increase in the number of cybersecurity solution providers offering comprehensive network and data protection. That, however, is inadequate to deter hackers. Put bluntly, the effectiveness of a stack of advanced cybersecurity solutions hinges on how well-informed users are about vulnerabilities and how adept they are to cope with them.

Enter HEROIC Cybersecurity.

HEROIC Cybersecurity couples its extensive experience in cybersecurity and technology with a passion for safeguarding its users’ cyber posture and offers next-generation intelligent cybersecurity solutions and education for all. It provides a unified solution to identify potential threats and breaches and creates proactive solutions to deal with them. HEROIC also offers an immersive educational experience that encourages the interactive learning of vulnerabilities, policies, and protections, empowering users to defend themselves and enhance the implemented cybersecurity's effectiveness.

"The primary threat for a business comes from the people inside, for which HEROIC provides a unified security platform to protect a company's data, devices, and cloud services. We also provide an immersive educational experience that motivates employees to continually learn and properly protect themselves," says Chad Bennett, founder and CEO of HEROIC Cybersecurity.

It can be distressing to see how many breaches and leaks are reported in the press despite billions of dollars spent each year on sophisticated cybersecurity solutions.
HEROIC's suite of solutions tackles the challenges of cyber threats by utilizing AI and big data to secure information.

One of HEROIC's distinguishing security solutions is its AI-powered analytics engine, Cyberlytics. The engine analyzes enormous amounts of complex cyber threat data worldwide to predict attacks and generates powerful insights that are automatically used to protect users' data, devices, and cloud services.

Leveraging industry best practices, HEROIC, as part of its managed enterprise security services division, provides vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, data breach monitoring and response, and appropriate corporate cyber posture consultancy. Its services uncover security threats and vulnerabilities in an organization and safeguard critical systems and customer data by implementing pertinent security controls. Its security services team simulates real-world attacks on user networks, applications, devices, and employees to assess the strength of their security stance and provide detailed reports on how to reinforce it. To further bolster overall security, HEROIC provides critical interactive cybersecurity education, which ultimately translates to addressing security threats before a breach occurs.

The number one threat for a business comes from the people inside, for which we provide an immersive educational experience that motivates people to continually learn and help protect themselves

HEROIC maintains one of the world's largest repositories of breached cyber threat data called the DarkHive. Its team of dark web analysts and automated systems regularly find, cleanse, and validate new breaches and upload them to the repository. The DarkHive enables enterprises to search and monitor their domains, emails, and IP addresses against 20 plus billion records, encompassing tens of thousands of third-party breaches.

HEROIC takes a predictive and proactive approach to intelligently secure its users before an attack or threat occurs. With a passionate and engaged team, HEROIC is committed to making the next-generation of intelligent cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable for everyone.
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HEROIC Cybersecurity

HEROIC Cybersecurity

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Chad Bennett, Founder, CEO

HEROIC is building the future of cybersecurity, powered by big data and AI while taking a predictive and proactive approach to secure users before a threat occurs. Protect data, devices, and cloud services from attacks with HEROIC’s Unified Cybersecurity Platform