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Hive Pro: Enhancing Cyber Posture Proactively

Chip Davis, SVP , Hive ProChip Davis, SVP
Businesses have been combating cybercrime for years, with varying degrees of success, by accumulating and utilizing tools designed for specific tasks. Typically, there is no connection point between these tools to allow for a deeper comprehension of threats and vulnerabilities beyond the specific context of their original design. As a result, the amass of fragmented and uncoordinated cyber security technologies–often residing in operational silos–has put organizations in a position where they have to contend with dispersed work pools that don’t communicate easily, if at all, with one another.

Consequently, what follows?

The absence of interoperability between security tools and inadequate cooperation between security teams has many unfavorable repercussions for a business. At a minimum, it leads to inefficiencies, an expanding attack surface, analysis paralysis, stress, and poor risk management and assessment. In the worst case, it creates a reactive cybersecurity culture prioritizing treating symptoms rather than addressing the source.

In light of this challenge, Anand Choudha, CEO of Hive Pro, and Sarfaraz Kazi, CTO of Hive Pro, observed the gap in the threat and vulnerability management process and founded Hive Pro as a remedy.

Predicated on the four tenets of cybersecurity- prevent, detect, respond and predict, Hive Pro is a cybersecurity firm specializing in continuous threat exposure management (CTEM). As opposed to being reactive to cyber threats, Hive Pro extends its predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities through its platform- Uni5, to proactively neutralize critical cyber security vulnerabilities of its users and reduces their attack surface before it gets exploited. Uni5 integrates seamlessly with third-party technology solutions for asset management, vulnerability management, incident management, and more to automate the task on each solution within the vulnerability lifecycle management process. With the platform’s intelligence on threat actors and attacks, users can understand the risk exposure on their assets comprehensively and, as a result, mitigate them swiftly within hours.

“Our solution significantly enhances productivity, effectiveness, and predictive security advantages, while providing users a better way to collaborate and cooperate in a less stressful atmosphere,” says Chip Davis, senior vice president of Hive Pro.

Most incident respondents suffer from stress and anxiety in response to the pressure and high demands associated with cyber response. By predicting and preventing the most likely threats, Hive Pro aims to improve its users’ cybersecurity posture while reducing the workload of its security analysts.

Businesses need help finding a single dashboard that can appropriately display their vulnerability risk, as they use various siloed risk evaluation technologies. This leads to a daily avalanche of alerts from multiple security consoles and makes the objectives of Security Operations Centers (SOC) more complex than ever. Hive Pro’s CTEM platform, Uni5, meticulously addresses this issue by providing a unified view of the risk of vulnerabilities through a user-friendly interface and aids in their remediation.

Most cybersecurity tools provide data but need more meaningful analytics, leaving security analysts to evaluate which of the numerous warnings and alarms matter the most and how to prioritize them. Uni5 focuses on threat and exposure management to assist users in reducing their attack surface by reporting current threats and exposure, including guidance on remediation. The platform provides accurate vulnerability risk scores based on more than 20 parameters like worm ability, geolocation, industry vertical, exploitability, and more.

Our solution significantly enhances pro¬ductivity, effectiveness, and predictive security advantages, while providing us¬ers a better way to collaborate and co¬operate in a less stressful atmosphere

Uni5 provides users with a centralized view of the degree of risk any vulnerability poses, based on its nature and criticality, using a combination of asset criticality, external threat context, internal compensating control, and patch intelligence. It is the only platform that contextualizes risks by checking the efficacy of users’ compensatory controls. Uni5 also offers breach and attack simulation technology to help red and blue teams test their vulnerabilities and compensating controls and assist them in visualizing what exploitation events would look like and how they would be expected to respond.

“Managing a host of security tools from Hive Pro Uni5 platform has helped our team to focus on the alerts that matter and to significantly reduce our remediation time.”

“Hive Pro is user-friendly, easy to install, and intuitive for security professionals at all levels.”

One doesn’t secure testimonials like these by merely offering a cybersecurity platform. They are earned by efficiently addressing key industry challenges and enabling clients to surpass their operational objectives. This is where Hive Pro is at the fore. The cyber security firm caters to esteemed clients globally and successfully assists them in reducing their attack surface while enabling them to move away from trying to fix everything to fixing what matters.
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Chip Davis, SVP

Hive Pro offers continuous threat exposure management solution which proactively reduces organization’s attack surface. Hive Pro extends its predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities through its platform- Uni5, to proactively neutralize critical cyber security vulnerabilities of its users and reduces their attack surface before it gets exploited