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Top 10 Fraud and Breach Protection Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

As more and more companies experience crippling security breaches, the wave of compromised data is on the rise. 2020 has seen more than its fair share of high profile data breaches and cyber-attacks, with a number of the world’s biggest and best known brands falling victim to online attacks.

A recent report by Kaspersky suggested that there had been as many as 726 million confirmed cyber-attacks since the start of the year, putting 2020 on course to rack up somewhere in the region of 1.5 billion cyber-attacks for the year. That’s an eye watering statistic and one that will have serious impact on businesses around the world. Business data only becomes a target when it is of value to a third party. Different kinds of data are more or less valuable to third parties and represent different levels of risk to a business. These types of information attract the attention of third parties for whom the data has value. Personal, financial and health information can be sold and used for marketing, fraud and identity theft. Intellectual property can be sold and used to develop products and services similar to those of business.

Keeping sensitive business data secure is a never-ending mission for most companies. The negative impacts of a data breach can be massive—which is why so many companies spend considerable resources on securing company data. While organizations can keep their perimeter security and other protective measures in place, what they need in addition is a data-centric solution that allows to tightly control who can read specific files and data sets.

Considering the competition in the Fraud and Breach Protection Service providers space, our panel of renowned CIOs, CISOs, VPs, with the Enterprise security magazine editorial panel has recognized the top drawers of 2020 in the field.

We present to you, “Top 10 Fraud and Breach Protection Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Fraud and Breach Protection Consulting/Service Companies

  • Founded by a group of insider industry experts who knew what fraud prevention could and should be, Paladin offers an extensive and customizable suite of services for merchants and vendors. Not only does the company assess current risk, conduct analysis, recommend actions, and assist in implementation, but it also trains clients’ teams and provides ongoing consulting as needed. Paladin’s Vendor Report, curated by industry experts at the company, provides detailed information on over 40 vendors who offer a wide variety of fraud prevention tools, platforms, and services

  • DataVerify


    DataVerify is one of the most effective single-source platforms for data verification, fraud prevention, and compliance assistance. Highly configurable and easy to use, the DataVerify platform helps pinpoint data integrity and misrepresentation issues within a loan file. DataVerify harnesses advanced analytics and technology to create automated and flexible solutions that enable lenders to make precise and consistent mission-critical decisions. The firm’s technology empowers lenders with risk assessment tools designed to identify and measure hidden risks, such as data integrity errors and misrepresentations, identity theft, property fraud, and application fraud

  • ExactData


    ExactData specializes in generating Smart Data with ground truth, which improves integration, development, training, and testing of complex data processing systems and eliminates privacy risks. These datasets have the attributes of realism, complexity, scale, internal and longitudinal consistency – even across disparate data stores, controlled macro statistics, and engineered scenarios. ExactData specializes in automating the generation of large sets of fully artificial, engineered test data that meet the consistency and realism requirements that system performance testing demands

  • Modern Data

    Modern Data

    Founded in 1998, Modern Data is a leading provider of IT services delivering managed infrastructure support, customized programming, IT security services, mobile apps, web design and cloud computing to organizations across North America. Modern Data is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio with regional offices throughout the U.S. The firm’s main goal is to provide customers with trusted business IT services to not only help achieve their business goals, but utilize technology as a competitive advantage

  • Navaera


    Navaera Worldwide is a global, full-service firm that specializes in advanced knowledge management products and services designed to help Financial organizations improve operational efficiency, Manage Risk, Detect Fraud and gain competitive advantage. The privately held company has diverse clients around the world including major corporations in the financial services industry. As a brand, Navaera Worldwide provides complex business products and solutions to small and large organizations through Navaera Global Services. Navaera Worldwide has offices located in three continents with global headquarters based in New York

  • Palmar Forensics

    Palmar Forensics

    Palmar Forensics is a pre-eminent financial fraud and forensics accounting firm specializing in vendor-related fraud prevention, detection, and vendor credentialing services. The firm also has extensive background in disbursement related anomaly identification, kickbacks, complex bid rigging, and billing schemes. They consider themselves a new breed of financial forensics professionals using the most sophisticated automated tools. Palmar Forensics also provides internal audit services, comprehensive fraud risk assessments, as well as litigation support services



    PAYEFX offers some of the best in payment services, shipping solutions, guarantee and fraud prevention, B2B credit options, global debt collection and accounts receivable management, all in one place. The firm’s services streamline complex and time-consuming tasks and processes to ease stress to success. PAYEFX’s mission is to provide a safe platform that offers the most advanced payment solutions available, while putting the best interest of the merchants first. They also provide a state of the art dynamic fraud response solution with many different tools to prevent fraud

  • Paymentwall


    Paymentwall is the leading global payments platform. The platform allows millions of people around the world to make payments using 150 local payment options, including local credit and debit card processing, bank transfers, e-wallets, mobile carrier billing, and prepaid cards. Paymentwall helps over 250,000 merchants across 180 countries through offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Sofia, Kyiv, Moscow, Manila, Hanoi, Beijing, Shenzhen, Seoul, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. Paymentwall provides its merchants and end-users support in over 30 languages through call centers, risk and fraud prevention, and merchant support teams who work 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Secure Credit Systems

    Secure Credit Systems

    Secure Credit Systems’ blockchain-based platform uses encryption and smart contracts to address the significant security, privacy, data integrity, and convenience shortcomings of existing consumer credit history services and moves consumer credit into the Web 3.0, post-surveillance-capitalism framework. The firm is on a mission to expand market opportunity, empower more competitive pricing, and reduces incorrect and fraudulent data in the credit markets, all while giving control to consumers over their own financial data

  • Triada Networks

    Triada Networks

    Triada Networks provides IT services for small and medium businesses in the financial and professional services sectors. Triada Networks' ProactiveIT services monitors and maintains systems automatically to ensure optimal performance and uptime. Triada Recovery provides critical protection to business systems through a combination of online and cloud based backup, allowing businesses to recover from both small and catastrophic events. With more than twenty years experience working in Cybersecurity and IT with financial services companies in New York, Triada Networks continues to lead the industry in providing data security, business continuity, and IT solutions