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Top 10 Fraud And Breach Protection Solutions Companies – 2022

The threat of cybercrimes from hackers and online fraudsters against enterprises has dramatically escalated in recent years. Technology, fraud methods, and the essential defenses against attacks all progress at an astounding rate. While governments throughout the world struggled to contain a pandemic of a magnitude we had never seen before, fraudsters and cybercriminals were having a field day. They viewed it as a chance where they stood to gain greatly and there was little chance of getting caught.

Digital identities being accessible on mobile devices would simplify the onboarding and authentication processes for digital applications and aid in thwarting account takeover fraud attempts. Once a customer has been confirmed, they can use their digital identity whenever and wherever they want online to sign up for or authenticate with any application.

Consumers and businesses are now more willing to collaborate with non-financial institutions. These businesses have better access to consumer data, which contributes to the creation of an excellent user experience and increases brand loyalty. Although these embedded finance solutions offer opportunity for financiers and value to customers, they also draw the attention of cybercriminals. These fintech applications will get much more intriguing for hackers as they gain popularity because financing apps frequently involve payment transactions and access to bank accounts.

Keep the proverb in mind when you create your annual plans. Security is a journey, not a finish line. We have the resources now to combat fraud in 2023, even though there are some aspects, like AI regulation, where we must wait to see what the final legislation comprises. Because of the prevalence of digital financial services, fraudsters will continue to pay them more attention.

To safeguard users from fraudulent activities, however, multi-factor authentication with biometrics, app shielding, push alerts, digital identity, and multi-factor authentication with digital identity can all be applied.

    Top Fraud And Breach Protection Solutions Companies

  • HEROIC is building the future of cybersecurity, powered by big data and AI while taking a predictive and proactive approach to secure users before a threat occurs. Protect data, devices, and cloud services from attacks with HEROIC’s Unified Cybersecurity Platform


  • Hive Pro offers continuous threat exposure management solution which proactively reduces organization’s attack surface. Hive Pro extends its predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities through its platform- Uni5, to proactively neutralize critical cyber security vulnerabilities of its users and reduces their attack surface before it gets exploited


  • Arkose Labs

    Arkose Labs

    Arkose Labs is the leading bot management company, globally. Their innovative approach determines true user intent and remediates attacks in real-time. Risk assessments combined with interactive authentication challenges undermine the ROI behind attacks, providing long-term protection while improving good customer throughput

  • ClearSale


    ClearSale is a global pioneer and proven leader in ecommerce fraud protection solutions, chargeback protection guarantee for ecommerce merchants. Clearsale’s innovative fraud solutions combine advanced technology with a passionate team of seasoned experts that understand every client’s unique needs and are invested in their long term success

  • Experian


    Experian is a global information services company that provides information, analytical tools, and marketing services to help clients manage their commercial and financial decisions. The company helps organizations manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers, and automate decision making

  • Feedzai


    Feedzai is the world’s first RiskOps platform for financial risk management, and market leader in safeguarding global commerce with today’s most advanced cloud-based risk management platform, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Feedzai is securing the transition to a cashless world while enabling digital trust in every transaction and payment type

  • Riskified


    Riskified has built a next-generation platform that allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with their consumers. Leveraging machine learning that benefits from a global merchant network, their platform identifies the individual behind each online interaction, helping merchants—their customers—eliminate risk and uncertainty from their business

  • SEON Technologies

    SEON Technologies

    SEON is a fraud prevention startup developing a fraud detection software to detect fraud in real-time through transactional data analysis. Its software uses machine learning and human intelligence algorithms to collect information about transactions and customers associated, integrates with a device fingerprinting module, and combines email verification and IP address analysis features to detect and report transactional and behavioral fraud patterns

  • Sift


    Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering digital disruptors to Fortune 500 companies to unlock new revenue without risk. The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Platform enables businesses to prevent all types of online fraud and abuse with a single integrated solution—tailored to any industry or use case

  • Virtis


    Virtis is a full-service, client-centric,woman-owned cybersecurity firm; reshaping the dynamics of the cybersecurity landscape with their globally unique solutions and services. Their evolutionary award winning shielding technology protects all client's websites, web apps, online customer portals, and the sensitive data that sits behind them from hackers and data breach faster and less expensive than anyone in the industry